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So taming Sable Martin shouldn't be a problem. The scandalous gold digger has used her sensual charms to blackmail his cousin, and Kain is s Now Gerd has taken t Mistress -- by royal appointment Prince Rafiq de Couteveille believes Alexa Considine to be a money-hungry mistress, and using her to avenge his sister's death will be sheer pleasure Lexie can't understand why she's attracted the attention of t Mistaken for a mistress When a mysterious young woman is found on the tropical island of Fala'isi, Luke Chapman insists that she remain at his home.

But Luke isn't being entirely benevolent; he has an ulterior motive for keeping her close Alli Pierce is desperately seeking her real mother. But hotel magnate Slade Hawkings is convinced she's after his family's money, and that she is nothing but a scheming gold digger! Despite Slade's misgivings, the handsome billionaire can't deny the i For one night only Billionaire Slade Hawkings is certain that Alli Pierce is a seductress and a gold digger!

He travels to the beautiful Pacific island of Valanu to confront her. But their instant sexual attraction gives him another idea Virgin: held against her will Feisty Leola Foster has been kidnapped! Her captor is gorgeous, but arrogant, and she refuses to obey his superior commands. Who does he think he is--royalty? Leola then learns that the stranger is Prince Nico Magn The prince's bride--by royal decree! On the idyllic Pacific island of Fala'isi, Giselle Foster is swept off her feet and into the bed of a devastatingly gorgeous stranger--only to discover she's given away her purity to renowned playboy Prince Rom Revealed: a scandalous royal affair!

Maximillian--the last heir to the throne. Will a beautiful girl prevent him from becoming king? Max Fierezza: a prince of the people and the land. But now Niroli's subjects are unsettled and Max's world-famous Blackmailed in the billionaire's bed! A gold-digging home-wrecker isn't Curt McIntosh's ideal woman. But it seems that's exactly what he's got with Peta Grey. For Curt there is only one way to stop her In reality, Peta is a pennile The passionate prince The supercool supermodel But Jacoba can never surrender to Marco.

She fears he'll discover her secret And a reason for a convenient mar A tycoon, a princess -- and a royal passion!

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She throws caution to the winds and lets Hawke teach her how to love But Melissa is virgi Seduced into submission! He believes his ex-fiancee, Sara Milton, stole a priceless family heirloom and betrayed him with another man. Now Gabe wa Revenge--by royal command! For three years Prince Caelan Bagaton has been searching for the woman who kidnapped his nephew. Now he has finally found her, and he is going to exact his revenge Abby Metcalfe will do anything for the little boy He wants her -- but she won't give in!

Paige Howard has had a secret desire for New Zealand tycoon Marc Corbett ever since they'd met -- when he married her best friend! Six years later, still a virgin, Paige has never felt the same about an Wolfe has been looking for Rowan Corbett for five long years.

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She is the only one who knows the truth about his brother's death. But the woman he encounters is not the temptress he expected. In fact, Wolfe can hardly resist the lure For ten years, memories of Sorrel and that magical summer have haunted Luke. Now Sorrel has returned to New Zealand to take ownership of the house that had once been Luke's home.

Surprising both of them, it only takes one night to reignite that al The only way Lauren can escape from the war-torn island of Sant'Rosa is to marry Guy, a sexy stranger, in a fake ceremony.

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But reunited with Guy under safer conditions, Lauren is overwhelmed by their mutual feelings of explosive desire! And he has Hunter Radcliffe is like no other man Princess Lucia Bagaton has ever met. Giving herself to a commoner could cause a royal scandal. But then Lucia finds she's expecting Hunter's child! Hunter is insistent that they should marry; it will be just It had been three years since Sanchia had last laid eyes on Caid's rangy, sexy body, his powerful Greek ancestry apparent in all its glory.

Caid's forceful charisma still had the ability to steal her breath away. Yet Caid's reaction to her now was on Morna Vause is suspicious of a newcomer to Tarika Bay. Hawke Challenger is handsome, ruthless and rich. He believes she is a gold digger, and he wants everything she owns -- her beautiful New Zealand coastal property Settle back and A compelling passion had flared between them But it was too late -- she was about to marry another man.

Six years later Cat's husband has gone, and she needs Nick's help. This is his chance to sate the desire he's felt for her all along Aline was in bed with a handsome stranger!

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He claimed she'd made love to him. Her mind couldn't remember a thing, but her body was on fire. Jake accused Aline of conveniently faking her amnesia, of deliberately holding something back.

Passion and the Prince Prince Luka of Dacia is a man with a lot to lose if his secret leaks out too early. He trusts nothing and no one, least of all his unexpected desire for Alexa Mytton. She might be beautiful, but she's dangerous -- and the Hope's stubborn independence had been threatened when she'd first met Keir Carmichael and sensed the strong attraction between them. She had refused to succumb to his charms, and set off instead to travel Australia She was nobody's fool Clay Beauchamp would have to learn -- Natalia was not for sale!

He was handsome, protective, even generous, but nothing would lure Natalia into his bed The only man Kate had ever loved was standing right beside her. Her heart leapt, as it always had, yet she had dreaded such a reunion, and the thought of Patric meeting her six-year-old son. While Kate had dreamed of them together as a family she His majesty's pleasure Beautiful, vulnerable and courageous Ianthe Brown might be, but she was out of bounds. Alex had to make a major life decision -- not seduce the most wonderful woman he'd ever met. His future was such that she must remain Geraldine Dacre is beautiful, sophisticated and loved by all, but she's yet to surrender to love.

Only one man turns her head -- Bryn Falconer. Gerry falls in love the moment she sees him cradling a baby, awakening all of her m A scorching seduction? Jacinta knew as soon as Paul McAlpine opened his front door that she shouldn't stay. Gerard had warned her not to fall for Paul, his cousin, during her visit to Waitapu, New Zealand. But she already had--ten months ago! A Nanny in trouble Job: Nanny with a difference required to love and care for two adorable dogs.

Special Qualifications: Interminable patience, especially when it comes to Emma's new neighbor, the infuriating but magnificent Kane Talbot. Not only opposites attract! When Lecia first spotted Keane Paget, his presence burned like a shining beacon. He was handsome, certainly, and profoundly male, but the face that stared hack at her was otherwise her own!

Lecia was stunned An unlikely match He's a farmer, she's an image consultant. He despises city women and she hates the country. But when a series of bizarre coincidences make Kear Lannion and Jan Carruthers neighbors, he just can't seem to keep away from her.

Meant to marry -- divided by scandal Anet Carruthers had always kept her past firmly where it belonged, until she met Lucas Tremaine! Lucas Tremaine, a writer of considerable prowess, was in pursuit of Anet's past--for therein lay an unresolved Though she yearns for a "real" marriage with Drake, too m Now the legacy of their shared past required another encounter. Perdita was no lon Compelled, charmed She'd jumped at the offer to translate there again--but soon wished she hadn't.

For one thing, working for a security-con Stephanie felt it would be foolish to Love Trap And Tansy Ormerod was about to find out just how accurate those words were!

Leo intended to find out exactly what had happ Dancing with the devil Because you want to go to bed with me. But what made Flint Jansen so arrogantly assume that Aura would choose him over Paul--his friend and Aura's warm and The only person who might be able to give her an answer was wickedly attractive Nick Peveril, Stella's husband. But he wasn't Just for thought She'd fallen into his plans like the naive fool she was--allowing him to charm her totally and to use the bewildering response of her body against her.

Behind his devastating facade was a ruthless businessman--a man determined to s Tide of passion Blair Doyle had set off in search of paradise--or at least a refuge from the real world, a place where she could pick up the pieces of a failed marriage and learn to feel again. On a strip of beach she met Hugh Bannatyne, a man Reckless Tegan hadn't seen Kieran Sinclair in ten years, but the memory of his ruthless words still branded her -- his savage contempt for the way he believed she'd so heartlessly jilted his wheelchair-bound friend marked her soul.

Now their li Tall, dark and dangerous Wealthy New Zealander Philip Angove was a formidable and complex man. And he was trying to manipulate Antonia's emotions in an effort to persuade her to do something she believed unethical.

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Temptation lured her to hi Once upon a time. Exciting, dangerous men do not make good husbands. But neither do excitable, passionate adolescents make reasonable wives. And so, with a little help from a big misunderstanding, Petra's marriage to New Zealand businessman Ca Beauty and the beast Fashion model Simone Atkinson had her reasons for being afraid of men whose guarded expressions hid private demons. Which is why all alarms went off when Angus Grey began his pursuit.

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He'd obviously convinced himself he knew exa She wasn't a child anymore!