Manual A Redlight Woman Who Knows How to Sing the Blues: My Life in White Institutions

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Wikimedia Commons has media related to: Malcolm X. Namespaces Page Discussion. Views Read Edit View history. Now a lot of blues records reference God. Now some people are put off by God. Mr Lee and his band mix up soul, blues and gospel in fine fashion. The good news is that there is nothing po-faced about the music which is largely uplifting. And a couple of weeks of relentless playing has not withered its charm.

Definitely one of my blues albums of the year. UK October Bryan Lee dreamed Sanctuary's musical arrangements the night before to perform at a church festival in Spitsbergen, Norway. The next day he played with his band as he had dreamed and even decided to record it in that country. But the revelation that was presented to him in that distant Nordic country would take seven years to see the light.

Just this year, Lee joined producer Steve Hamilton and finished shaping the album. It is an album of eleven songs in which the blind guitarist of New Orleans expresses his love for God and his gratitude to life.

BB King - Why I Sing The Blues - Live In Africa 1974

In the album there are many religious themes and it is clear that the artist is a man of faith. In Fight for the light, the first track of the album, begins with the bass groove and then Lee sings that you have to fight for the light, that "Jesus will take you very high" and that "Satan is a liar". Jesus gave me the blues is a funky with a lot of hammond and choruses in which he reveals that, besides the blues, he also gave the Holy Spirit power.

In U-Haul he talks about his search and what he found on his guitar and the Lord. Only if you praise the Lord is like a sermon in a church on the outskirts of New Orleans surrounded by a lot of color and faithful. In The Lord's prayer and Jesus is my Lord and Savior also exposes their beliefs and how much his life changed when he opened the doors of his heart to God: "I used to smoke a lot, take a lot of drugs and wish for my neighbor's wife, but I do not do that anymore.

The rest of the topics are also self-referential. The gift is a monumental shuffle in which he recalls his beginnings as a musician, how Chuck Berry and Little Richards inspired him to play rock and roll and how the music of Freddie King definitely turned him to blues. Big is his criticism of the "important man", that no matter how much money he has and more people get ahead, he will never achieve happiness. Do not take my blindness for a weakness is a testimony of how he managed to get ahead despite losing his sight when he was eight years old.

John Witherspoon’s Life Celebrated At Star-Studded Memorial Service

I can only see darkness, but do not take my blindness for a weakness, "she sings as the guitar expresses with a single, very meaningful sound. With Is not Going Stop, he leaves that he will continue to play until "Jesus takes me home. And of course there is Sanctuary, the song that motivated the whole album, an exquisite melody that Bryan Lee plays with great passion accompanied by a beautiful choir and Greg Koch's slide dobro guitar.

Bryan Lee managed to merge very well the religious preaching with the blues and the result is a very spiritual album, but with a catchy rhythm and visceral solos, which can be taken with absolute naturalness to a juke joint or a small church where the choirs shine gospel. Malbec and Blues Argentina. At the age of eight, he loses sight of his eyes, but that has never been a hindrance to his development as a blues musician.

In the early fifties he was tethered to the radio when WLAC, Nashville music channel broadcast their rock 'n roll and blues hours late at night and is captured by the music of Elmore James and T-Bone Walker. He even succeeds in being able to act as a support act for his hero Muddy Waters in the eighties and when Muddy lets him know "Bryan, stay with this, you will be living a legend", he knows he is on the right track is. In the meantime, Bryan settled permanently in New Orleans, the city he fell in love with at the end of the seventies and where he feels at home.

He finds in the Old Absinthe House in the French Quarter for more than fourteen years a fixed stage, where he can perform five days a week.

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Meanwhile, he is more than thirteen albums further, was nominated for a Grammy Award for his contribution to the 'Live! Now there is 'Sanctuary', an album on which the foundation was laid seven years ago. The night before a festival performance that will take place in a church in the Norwegian Spitbergen, Bryan Lee hears a complete musical arrangement for a prayer in his dream.

The next day it is already on the set list and also Bryan decides to record the song immediately in Norway in the studio.

Elvis Presley

An encounter with producer Steve Hamilton, who spontaneously makes his studio and expertise available, makes it possible to further shape this project. Bryan Lee feels the intense need to continue to spread his faith and gratitude for his talent and career, "The Good Lord gives me this gift and I want to share it with you". And he does that from the first note Fight For The Light that is drenched in a funky groovy sound, which is so connected to the Crescent City and that Bryan Lee is perfect for him.

Big and Only If You Praise The Lord , the music is always like a house as we are used to by this very experienced blues musician. But on 'Sanctuary' the music is actually subservient to the religious message that Bryan Lee wants to convey, it is only meant to give his message extra strength. It is his deeply rooted faith in God that he wants to share with his listeners and his gratitude for the talent that God has given him and that he will continue to interpret until Jesus lets him know that it is good.

Bryan Lee sends his message with the greatest of ease, with a lot of peace, passion, conviction and expression in his voice. Mladen Loncar - Mike. If you think the blues and faith are mutually exclusive concepts, Bryan Lee has news for you. Far from the usual dirges that get sung in church, Sanctuary is about as joyful and uplifting as music can get. With the energy of an old time tent revival and some of the sweetest music this side of the pearly gates, this disc is damn awesome. Sanctuary started with a dream. The next day he performed it and, so inspired were he and the band, they recorded it shortly thereafter.

Lee lost his sight at the age of 8, but by 15 he was playing music for crowds in the Mid-West. I admire his faith as I revel in his songwriting and playing abilities. What I enjoy the most about your music is that there's no set genre. We talked to Damian Marley about this and he shared how important to be genreless. Well, for me, it's always been important from the start.

I just love music because it's seasoned with expression you know. I've always thought that I can connect with any genre of music as long as I feel a message or music you know, or like, the beats or whatever, you know. I've always been like that since learning how to play instruments and knowing hip-hop, reggae and the blues. It's just about knowing yourself and reaching your goals. Yes, we shot the video for it and I'm dropping an acoustic version of "Slow Down.

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After that, we're looking towards the project which is very, very soon. We're thinking of January. That's the best way to welcome the new decade.

25 Songs That Tell Us Where Music Is Going

No pun intended but what is the vibe of the "Slow Down" video? The vibe is very street, very rural you know?

There's a nice connection between a guy and girl, catching eyes for the first time. A lot of things happen and the next thing you know she's gone and I'm gone. I'm saying, 'Slow down, be in the moment with me. I saw you from across the room and I just had to say something.

Love is limitless.