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Sweet Disorder

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    A Short Analysis of Robert Herrick’s ‘Delight in Disorder’

    Description Title: A Sweet Disorder. The poem consists of seven couplets.

    A couplet is a pair of rhyming lines. However, the rhyme scheme requires the reader to alter the pronunciation of the final syllable of some words. Here is the poem with the rhyming syllables highlighted. Herrick also uses internal rhyme in the poem. In the following lines, the rhyming vowels are highlighted.

    Herrick wrote the poem mainly in iambic tetrameter. A line of iambic tetrameter has eight syllables, or four feet. An iambic foot, or iamb, consists of an unstressed syllable followed by a stressed syllable. The first line of the poem demonstrates the pattern. Structural Balance. Herrick achieves a pleasing structural balance in the poem by doing the following:.

    Following are examples of figures of speech in the poem. For definitions of figures of speech, click here. Do you like the poem? Explain why or why not. Cummings Study Guide. Technique as Reflection of Content. Herrick uses inversion in three lines to impart a pleasing poetic ring to the poem. Line 3, for example, says, A lawn about the shoulders thrown instead of A lawn thrown about the shoulders. Line 7 begins with A cuff neglectful instead of A neglectful cuff.