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Elvis has a week of recording sessions in the den at Graceland , with RCA bringing in mobile recording equipment.

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Songs from this will comprise the forthcoming album From Elvis Presley Boulevard, Memphis, Tennessee and over half of the forthcoming Moody Blue album. Back on the concert circuit for the first time since July , Elvis Presley's 16th tour throughout the States was a very short one and started with some confusion.

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At the last minute Burton returned, the others were replaced. James Burton had threatened to leave the band, unless he was given a raise. Parker refused at first, but Elvis agreed… raising not only Burton's, but all fees. Shane Kiester had replaced Glen D. After just 8 shows, Kiester chose a career of his own and in April he quit the band leaving the keyboards to Tony Brown.

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After the first show, Elvis made it clear that he was 'not amused' with the lack of security on and off stage. Later that day, local police officers managed to pull down a few female fans from the fire ladder outside the hotel - they had climbed the ladder in a futile attempt to see a glimpse of Elvis in his hotel room. Continuation of recording in the den at Graceland. He'll Have To Go V. Please check the schedule page for a list of upcoming shows throughout TX, OK and other venues.

Please contact me with questions on availability. If I don't have it on hand I can get it. A warm welcome from Danny Danny Boy Enterprises doing business since The cowhide rugs are made from Brazilian cows raised, processed and chromium tanned in Brazil.

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The single most important thing when purchasing a cowhide is the quality. My friend Jerome Colburn points out that the tune appears twice in the collection of Francis O'Neill, made among the Irish-American community in Chicago around the end of the 19th century:. Both are settings of the same tune Miss Ross notated, complete with duple meter, half-cadence in the first part, high note in the second, etc.

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Drimoleague is in the south of County Cork, very close to where O'Neill grew up, and about as far away from Derry as one could get and still be on dry land. Since no other use of the Drimoleague Fair name is known, and O'Neill is known to have use printed sources including Petrie, it's highly likely that Petrie is the source and O'Neill gave it the name. He often gave his own titles to untitled tunes. She theorized that the tune was taken from a performance in which the performer was using extreme rubato, and this "so disguised the natural rhythm that the tune was wrongly noted down in common instead of triple time".

If the prolonged notes occurring on the first beat of the bar are shortened "the tune falls at once and easily into a rhythm which instead of being unique in Irish folk-music is paralleled in scores of other Irish folk-tunes". This phrase does not, however, exceed the range of the pipes, so there is nothing to show it was not present in the original performance.

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Edward Bunting was the pioneer collector of harp music whose career began in when he was hired to write down the tunes performed at the Belfast Harp Festival. It is to him and to people working for him, particularly one Patrick Lynch that we owe the preservation of much of the traditional Irish harp repertoire.

In his work, A Collection of the Ancient Music of Ireland , Bunting discusses the characteristics of typical Irish melodies, stating " The Young Man's Dream , and the air of The Green Woods of Truigha , might be suggested as answering more nearly to the Editor's conception of such a standard than any others with which he is acquainted". So after more than a century, Miss Ross has been vindicated, although her skill as a transcriber is perhaps called into question. Of course, we cannot be sure that the anonymous piper's performance was of the best standard, either.

I've now added a MIDI version of Bunting's arrangement, for people who would like to hear the original tune. This includes the bass line published by Bunting, which is not shown in the musical score above, except implicitly by chord names. It is not known whether the bass line was actually played by Hempson, but most authorities think that it was composed by Bunting. Only the melody lines in the Bunting collection were as originally played we think , although in some cases Bunting has put them into different keys. I am not aware of any traditional Irish words to Aislean an Oigfear having been preserved.

Bunting did not receive any royalties from this effort, and had financial difficulties throughout his collecting career. In my edition of Moore's Irish Melodies the following set of words appear in four-part vocal harmony, set to the tune of The Young Man's Dream :. As a beam o'er the face of the waters may glow, While the tide runs in darkness and coldness below, So the cheek may be ting'd with a warm sunny smile Though the cold heart to ruin runs darkly the while.

Based on an article published in the Folk Harp Journal.

Some additional material has been added to the version originally published. Since the above article was written, I have discovered much more information about The Young Man's Dream.

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In fact, its history can be traced back about a century earlier than what has been mentioned so far. I have also located the original words, which are in the Irish language, as well as another "original" set of words in English. All the arcane, useless, or questionable information people have sent me is all collected together in one place.

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