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Conservation of momentum momentum being mass times velocity is the reason why, when two ice skaters with different masses push off from each other, the lighter one moves away faster than the heavier. These conservation laws have been experimentally verified to work across an extraordinary range of scales in the universe, from black holes in distant galaxies all the way down to the tiniest spinning electrons. Picture yourself on a nice hike through the woods. You come to a fork in the trail, but you find yourself struggling to decide whether to go left or right.

The path to the left looks dark and gloomy but is reputed to lead to some nice views, while the one to the right looks sunny but steep.

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You finally decide to go right, wistfully wondering about the road not taken. In a quantum world, you could have chosen both. For systems described by quantum mechanics that is, things that are sufficiently well isolated from heat and external disturbances , the rules are more interesting. Like a spinning top, an electron for example can be in a state where it spins clockwise, or in another state where it spins anticlockwise.

The states of quantum systems can be added together and subtracted from each other. Mathematically, the rules for combining quantum states can be described in the same way as the rules for adding and subtracting vectors.

Does quantum entanglement work with 'reality'?

The word for such a combination of quantum states is a superposition. This is really what is behind strange quantum effects that you may have heard about, such as the double-slit experiment, or particle-wave duality.

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Then the electron randomly ends up either in the [clockwise spinning] state or in the [anticlockwise spinning] state. The odds of one outcome versus the other are easy to calculate with a good physics book at hand. The intrinsic randomness of this process may bother you if your worldview requires the universe to behave in a completely predictable way, but … c'est la experimentally tested vie.

Understanding Quantum Entanglement - with Philip Ball

Imagine a pair of quantum particles say atoms that start off with a total of units of energy. You and your friend separate the pair, taking one each. You find that yours has 40 units of energy.

Using the law of conservation of energy, you deduce that the one your friend has must have 60 units of energy. You would know this even if your friend never revealed any information to you. And you would know this even if your friend was off on the other side of the galaxy at the time you measured the energy of your atom. Nothing spooky about it once you realize this is just correlation, not causation.

But the quantum states of a pair of atoms can be more interesting. The energy of the pair can be partitioned in many possible ways consistent with energy conservation, of course.

Quantum entanglement

The combined state of the pair of atoms can be in a superposition, for example:. This is an entangled state of the two atoms. Nevertheless, the properties of the two atoms are correlated because of conservation of energy: their energies always add up to units.