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All about Smartphones How much do you know about smartphones? Find out in this fun quiz! What company made the first cellphone in ? Motorola Samsung Apple Nokia. The first smartphone was made in Which company made the first smartphone? Guess the Animal Use clues from the pictures to help you guess the right animal.

What animal runs the fastest? Lion Tiger Cheetah Antelope. Elephant Moose Long-necked turtle Giraffe. What is the biggest animal that has ever existed? Guess the City Watch the pictures and guess the city!

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What city is this? Athens Florence Rome Paris. Paris London Liverpool Glasgow.

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Do You Know Your Celebrities? Who is this? Michael B. Famous artists and their paintings Do you like art? Who painted The Last Supper? How many paintings did Van Gogh sell in his lifetime?

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  3. Spiritual/Biblical Psychology.

How many versions of The Scream did Edvard Munch create? Forbidden places in the world Do you like secrets and mystery? Are there places on Earth that are so dangerous or secret that they're forbidden from tourists? Snake Island has around 4, deadly snakes. Where is it located? Australia India Brazil Madagascar. Why did the Indian government declare the North Sentinel Island as prohibited?

There is no way to survive on the island The wild life is very dangerous There are many endangered plant species Locals are aggressive towards any visitor. Endangered species — animals Let's raise awareness around endangered species, and how we can save them from extinction.

Any type of animal or plant which is under a threat of disappearing forever is called:. Endangered Extinct Extinct in the wild Sensitive. Which of the following animals is NOT extinct? The Black Rhinoceros is one of the critically endangered species. It is native to General knowledge — amazing facts! Are all strawberries red? Yes No, white strawberries exist too No, black strawberries exist too No, yellow strawberries exist too. Hang Son Doong cave in Vietnam is the biggest cave in the world. It has its own:. True or false: Glow Worm caves exist in New Zealand.

What happens when you're caught while playing the Red Light, Green Light game? You have to go back to the starting line You become "red light" You're out of the game You have to stop moving. What happens if you're tagged in a game of Freeze Tag? You go to an area for captured players You're out of the game You freeze You have to stop moving.

When are you eliminated in the Musical chairs game? When you move after the music stops When you are tagged When you don't sit down after music stops When you don't recognize the song. Hits of — Pop Music A quiz about all the top hits so far in Do you know them all? The song "Nice for what" has topped the charts this year.

But who is the singer? This is America This is Canada Redbone What was it called? Celebrate the International Day of Friendship! You rock because Which of these countries qualified for the World Cup? Netherlands Iceland Wales Italy. Panama Peru Mexico Chile. In what city did the World Cup final take place? Saint Petersburg Sochi Moscow Samara. Summer around the world Find out what summer is like in different parts of the world! What is usually the warmest month in the Northern Hemisphere? June July January April. Movie trivia Calling all movie buffs!

Who did Emma Watson play in the Harry Potter movies? Who plays Rey in the new Star Wars movies? Who was the main villain in the first Avengers movie? Ego Loki Erik Killmonger Ultron.

World Music Day: The History of Music Celebrate world music day with this history kahoot designed to test your knowledge of music throughout the world, throughout the centuries! What is another name for prehistoric music?

  • Pop Quiz Vol Multiple-Choice Questions on 7 Decades of Pop Music by Bernard Morris!
  • Pride and Prejudice Quiz 1.
  • Bridge Made Simple - Maire O'Keefe - .
  • Who did the ancient Egyptians believe invented music? Car Brands A quiz about different types of cars. What car brand is this? Lexus Nissan Mazda Mitsubishi. What country is this car from? Italy France Germany Japan. Which of the following car brands is from USA? Toyota Volvo Chevrolet Jaguar. Countries of the World A geography quiz for all audiences.

    • Die Streitkräfte Großbritanniens und der Dominions im Ersten Weltkrieg (German Edition).
    • London Angel (Italian Edition)?
    • The Ledge (Short Story Book 13)?
    • How to Go from BooHoo to WooHoo in 90 Days;
    • Memoirs of a Chicken Sniffer.
    • What country is this? India South Korea Japan China. Mongolia Kazakhstan Russia China. Famous constructions A quiz about some of the most famous constructions in the world!

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      Big Ben was completed in What is the official name of the tower? The Colosseum is the largest amphitheatre ever built. What was it used for? Gladiatorial battles Plays Executions All of the above. The Parthenon lies above the city of Athens. It's a temple dedicated to a god, but which one?

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      Poseidon Zeus Athene Ares. True or false: The list of seven wonders is based on ancient Greek guidebooks for tourists. The Great Pyramid of Giza is the oldest of the wonders. What was its purpose? A monument to the god Ra A tomb A momument to a great war victory A temple. Why were the Hanging Gardens of Babylon supposedly built? As a tourist destination A monument to Ninurta, the god of farmers An engagement gift from a king to his future queen A gift for the king's wife.

      European Song Contest Challenge yourself and your friends with interesting and fun facts about the European Song Contest!

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      When was the first Eurovision Song Contest held? Which country won in the first edition of the contest? Norway Ireland Switzerland Germany. National flags: interesting facts Challenge yourself and friends with this fun kahoot about national flags! Which country has the oldest flag, unchanged since ?

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      San Marino Norway Denmark Japan. Why did Haiti and Lichtenstein compete in the Summer Olympics under identical flags?