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A young and adventurous Canadian, he headed for Hong Kong, and then for Vietnam as the war involved increasing numbers of American troops and news media. Don freelanced, with pen, pad and camera, and ABC News hired him in Being a reporter in Vietnam was probably the best thing I will do in this life. By his count, he covered 15 wars, from Yugoslavia to Afghanistan and Iraq.

He taught for a semester at the American University of Nigeria, and used the opportunity to report on the atrocities of Boko Haram. Realizing that escaping into the hills was the only option left, Joe Morton, Lt. Holt Green, and the Dawes team, joined long columns of soldiers, partisans, and civilians fleeing into the mountains while encountering German planes strafing and bombing, artillery fire, as well as German units with dogs in hot pursuit.

Many partisans died in the grueling march due to the bad weather. While enduring the march, Joe became friends with Maria Gulovich. Maria said that Joe shared his sulfa powder with her.

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On December 14, Morton, the Dawes men, and Maria reached and hid the Homolka cabin above the village of Polomka in the mountains as the blizzard closed in. Eleven days on, the officers celebrated Christmas by singing carols and enjoying a ham that young Slovak partisan Rudolf Hruska had carried up from the village.

On the early morning of December 25, Gulovich made a decision that saved her life.

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She, along with two American and two British fugitives, took off for a mountain hotel, another partisan hideout some two hours away, seeking food and shelter and medical supplies at a resort hotel farther up the mountain. Gulovich said that the Associated Press reporter Joe Morton "walked with us half an hour or longer, and then he said, "Well, I have to go back" and we hugged.

She also recalled that, "Joe wore a hat, a green knitted cap. I turned back after he left me. I can see it even now. He was walking alone with that green hat on top of his head. The next morning, a man strong Nazi counter-partisan named "Edelweiss", under Commander Ladislav Niznansky, stormed and surrounded the cabin.

The Life of Renowned War Correspondent Carlos Mavroleon (2003)

Morton, who was wearing an American uniform, and the others were captured in the act. Morton's translator Josef Piontek, wrote in his diary that he watched the Nazis burn down the cabin and the flames swallowing a thick stack of notes belonging to Morton who he noted "fed on the news more than on food.

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At the time, Mauthausen was the fifth largest of the Nazi extermination camps. Hans Thost an interceptor for the Reich Security Main Office were ordered to go to Mauthausen to interrogate a group of English and American officers who had been taken prisoner in the sector held by Slovak rebels. Thost testified after the war that Ziereis got an intense pleasure of torturing the prisoners of war for information.

A civilian translator at the camp later reported that Morton was questioned but not tortured. Morton made clear that he was not a soldier or officially part of the intelligence group, even showing the Germans his war correspondent insignia or ID to prove that he was a journalist. Along with the duly uniformed Allied officers, he and others should have been treated as prisoners of war according to the Geneva Convention An SS guard then stepped forward and shot each man in the nape of the neck. Morton's colleagues from AP and his family had no clue to his whereabouts.

He is a true predator who works to catch Starling in his web. For almost a decade, the shooting haunted the upper echelons of Old South Savannah.

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