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Includes a funky pen; 8 postcards; photo and autograph pages; games and jokes; charts for rating counselors, cabins, songs and books; hiking and plants to watch out for; helpful tips; address book pages for new friends; and journal pages to record a fun-packed summer at camp! Hardcover with foil accents. Covered wire-o-bound hardcover with foil accents.

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Includes code ring for secret messages. Solve mysteries; fingerprint friends; learn about real spies of the past. Invisible ink pen for magic messages. Covered wire-o-bound hardcover. Ages 4 to Keep track of how long your child reads each day with this handy logbook. There are spaces to record the date, book title, author, pages read, and time spent reading. Plan your trip and packing list. Recommended for ages 7— What would you do with a time machine?

The ABC of Cookies

If you were in a band, what would it be called and what instrument would you play? If they made a movie about your life, would it be a comedy, a drama, or an action flick? Grab your favorite pen and go to town! A lock and key make sure your ideas stay top secret. What would your superhero name be? If you could wake up tomorrow as any animal—a lion, a shark, a giant snake—what would you pick? Who would win in a fight: a dinosaur or a dragon?

Answer crazy questions, draw weird food and epic battles, go on missions, and more. A lock and key make sure your top secret master plans are for your eyes only! Sturdy lock with two keys. Ages 7 and up. Set aside their tablets, phones, and computers and have them venture into Kids Unplugged! Go back in time to meet not-so-new prehistoric friends! Learn about dinosaurs and the creatures who shared their world as you dig through puzzles, activities, coloring pages, and more.

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Shine images from its pages on the bedroom wall! Do you have hundreds of questions on the whos, whats, wheres, whys, hows, and whens? Written and illustrated by Simon Abbott 48 full-color pages 6" wide x 9" high Hidden in the Jungle A Search and Find Book By Peggy Nille Dive deep into the jungle and into these ten spectacular landscape scenes where you will find various creatures hiding. From a regal lion to an elephant and her two baby elephants, search and find all of the 20 creatures as they travel from each lush scene to the next.

Every page is filled with colorful and amazing details that will entertain children and adults alike! Solutions are included in the back of the book.

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Full-color illustrations throughout. Ages 3 to 9. Rights: World English , excluding U. The capital of Kenya is a young and dynamic city. The city benefits from a great location: close to the equator but at an altitude of 5, feet, so its inhabitants enjoy a comfortable climate all year round. The city of Nairobi was founded by British colonists in At first it was a railroad depot along the tracks connecting Uganda and Kenya.

Despite plague epidemics and fires, Nairobi gained importance and became the capital of British East Africa. Many Europeans went there to hunt. Many different people live in the Nairobi area. Nairobians represent over 40 tribes, including the Maasai nomadic livestock farmers , the Kikuyu farmers , and the Luo goat and cattle breeders. Today, these peoples fight for the preservation of their traditions and the recognition of their rights.

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Famous designers visit Nairobi to buy fabrics from local boutiques, many of which have been run by the same family for generations. It also has an elephant orphanage and a giraffe sanctuary. Its national park is the only great animal reserve right next to a capital city. There you can find species of animals, including birds, rhinoceroses, lions, and zebras. First it was the pterosaurs, followed by dinosaur ancestors of birds, and finally by mammals and lizards. Though they all have wings for flying, the wings differ from animal to animal. Some wings are covered in feathers, while others are made of thin skin stretched out between front and back legs.

They were all small, with a long snout and fine, pointed teeth. Two wings of stretched skin between the fourth finger of their hand and a part of their body helped them fly. They had a long tail with a diamondshaped end, which they used as a rudder to steer in the air. As big as a pigeon, the theropod Yi qi featured a strange long bony rod at its wrists. These unusual wings only let it glide from branch to branch—enough to hunt or evade predators.

This very distant cousin used its gliding wings to hunt insects, which it ate by piercing their shells with its small pointy teeth. Much like the modern Draco volans, which is found today in Southeast Asia, Xianglong was a small lizard with wings on the sides of its body that helped it glide long distances. Flying and gliding are clearly the way to go when danger threatens! First making an appearance during the Jurassic period, pterodactyloids gradually replaced their rhamphorhynchoid ancestors. Armed with a very short tail, some had a beak in place of teeth.

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A few, like Quetzalcoatlus, reached a record size of over 46 feet from one wingtip to the other—in other words, the size of a small airplane! Dinosaurs such as Microraptor had genuine feathers on their limbs, forming wings that let them glide from tree to tree. Others, like Confuciusornis, became real birds and could fly by flapping their wings.

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  • They all still had jaws full of teeth, so it was best to keep out of biting distance! Take a trip through time to the world of the dinosaurs! Roam the forest looking for an Allosaurus, spot tiny feathered Microraptor in the sky, and dive deep to hunt for giant sea reptiles like Plesiosaurs. Learn what makes a dinosaur a dinosaur; what Earth was like when dinosaurs were alive; and how scientists uncover dinosaur bones with real-life Seek and Find skills.

    Search for a winged lion in Venice, a surfer in Sydney, a samba parade in Rio de Janeiro, a historic emperor in Beijing, a famous park in Nairobi, and so much more! Check out ballet in Moscow and sports in Dubai. Each page is a window into the amazing history and vibrant cultures of the world we share. In Kenya gained its independence, and Nairobi became the capital of the new country.

    It grew fast and high. Skyscrapers more than 30 stories tall sprang up from the center of the city, and the population has surpassed 3 million. Lacking many resources, Kibera is crowded and poor, but local groups work to provide schools, sanitation, and more. The history of humanity began in the nearby savannah of the Great Rift Valley. Most sheep spend their days grazing in the meadows. But Arnold is not like most sheep. He jogs. He boxes. He does push-ups and pull-ups.

    While the other sheep find his antics humorous, he knows that a super sheep must stay conditioned and in shape! You never know where danger lurks, and one day he gets put to the test! With just a little teeny-tiny help from his best friend, Milo the mole, all the sheep will come to realize how super and brave Arnold really is when a wolf enters their meadow.

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    Since then she has worked as an editor for several publishers. She loves playing drums and traveling—especially to sheep-filled meadows. He works as an illustrator for different publishing houses and agencies and since has worked at the Atelier Remise in Karlsruhe. Poor Papa Bear.