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But bootleg shows are an integral part of the industry, often adding to the mystique of your favorite band.

The Red Baron rides again

How exciting is that? I only take issue at half-assed attempts to earn my hard-earned cash. Why should anyone other than a perfectionist quibble with the results? The live show, as much as I bitch about it above, is not that bad. But I get so annoyed with other things, even in a couple songs I mention as highlights.

The band saves it by kicking back in — hard. Like a police lieutenant in a seventies cop show. And is the band tired of playing the older material? So should you drop the ten bucks on this?

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    Once they were running they were running at 18 people three rows of six approximately every 1 minute and 33 seconds. The theming really begins once you enter the building, where in the first room you are presented with the story.

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    A mining baron appears in black and white on a projector screen explaining that he's seeking to find fortune and he's sending you, his miners to go and get the gold! The projection is interrupted by some "white women" i. Articles in the room begin shaking, lights start flickering and the baron encourages you to not to be put off but to push on! In the next room you meet the baron, an impressive, full-sized animatronic who gives you further instructions.

    Then the doors open to the ride itself. You hop on the ride, they check your restraints, giving the all clear, the ride moves forward through mist where you encounter the white women once more who tell you in Dutch only that you were warned and therefore you shall now face the consequences.

    Things begin shaking and moving before you move on and up the tower. At the this point comes the climax of the ride where you reach the top of the tower and pause, just before plunging vertically in to a white wall of mist at the entrance of the mine below. This is followed by a rapid series of twists and turns along the rest of the track outside.

    Red Baron Rides again

    The ride itself though reasonably short packs in a lot of thrills and is very smooth. It's a lot more fun than I'd been preparing myself for. We came off buzzing!

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    Can't recommend this ride more! Baron Efteling pic.

    Modest Mouse

    Once we left the ride we were given a souvenir CD, containing a remixed single of the rides sound track, very cool. We also saw that the line had grown significantly, extending far beyond the ride lines, over two hours in wait! The Efteling has really done itself proud with this one!

    The line was indicated as 40 minutes, but getting into a front-seat took exactly 35 minutes. There is a separate line for the first row and a combined row for the second and third rows. My mini review: - The pre-shows are short and great. They really add to the experience, but I wouldn't go to this ride just for the pre-shows.

    Stuff happens here which is pretty cool - The lift-hill is fast, the moment when you're held at the top is awesome. You really can't predict when you're let go.