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Will you come home and stop this pain tonight- She hasn't come to haunt him and thus he begs her to come home and stop his pain with her presence albeit a ghost to Stop this pain tonight Don't waste your time on me you're already The voice inside my head I miss you, I miss you Don't waste your time on me you're already The voice inside my head I miss you, I miss you - He has resign to not seeing her, feeling her, being haunted by her and he, because of how much he loves her, releases her.

Don't waste your time on me- meaning coming back from where ever she is to haunt him and be with hime.

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Presumably coming down from heaven to be a ghost on earth just to be with him. She can now go to heaven. The best song ever written about losing a loved partner. Gets me everytime. I mean who would not want at first be with the person you love no matter what, ghost, dreams haunting etc. Flag Avlavin20 on October 03, I just broke down. After reading this, I don't need to read any other interpretations. I'll be forever convinced this is it.

The Voice In Your Head Is Not Who You Really Are. You Are The One Who Observes It

Flag Usernamex on January 09, He doesn't want to take the first step towards her because he thinks that's her move to take, although his finding it quite hard to keep away. He can't stop thinking about her and all he wants is for everything to go back to how they were but he knows from what's happened, the reason things went wrong, It wont be the same again, so he doesn't want to fight for it.

His confused on what he wants and what he should do since he doesn't want to be stuck with the love and plus a broken heart. Spot on I had huuuuuuge crush on a girl, she left for awhile I missed her like crazy and even ended in hospital.. I guess you could call it unrequited love.. I Hate that word.. I had time to move on while she was away but I couldn't, dated other girls. Tried everything and nothing worked : she came back and played this damn song, it crushed me to pieces..

She broke my heart twice and it's almost been 2 years and I still think about her every day and night. Flag Razaarash on February 23, You've been played, I had a crush on a guy and thought he was sweet.

Took him for a date, had sex with me and broke up after a week. My life went through hell. I listened to this song over and over crying my eyes out. This song is truly amazing. Flag Sierra. Seems to make sense to me in both verses. The first verse was when he first died and is saying hello to his gf, sort of introducing her. Darkness in the valley means death such as the religious reference "valley of the shadow of death". The death is him specifically dying. Although he is dead, he is feeling optimistic that they as a couple will be ok. They could "live like Jack and Sally" from the Nightmare before Christmas and The second verse is when he realizes that them together forever will never happen.

As time passes, she visits his grave less and less. He's sorry that he died. He cannot sleep or dream because he is dead. He stares at the living spiders inside his coffin trapping, killing, and eating things. This reminds him further that he is dead and she is not. The "voice of treason" means that she has moved on with her life and will not be his "Sally" anymore. After this, the chorus comes in and this means that he wants her to move on with her life and that he will never forget her. Hi there.

I just to say I really loved your comment the most because I can relate to what you were trying to say. You see, my ex-boyfriend is dying. We broke up because he didn't want me to suffer..

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Listening to this song especially the Boyce Avenue's version and reading your interpretation of the song made me Really believe that my ex would wanted me to move on. So thank you so much. Really nice interpretation flagpole. I think you hit the nail on its head But now I read this and my mind it's blown. It's an interesting point of view.

Flag Pawy on August 05, My Interpretation In my opinion, this song is not talking about someone who passes away and her partner misses here, neither of a guy that broke up with his girlfriend. I listened to this song for first time when someone really important gave it to me when we just started talking like gf and bf. No Replies Log in to reply. General Comment Bugalou, I always assumed that the "angel from my nightmare" line was about how their relationship saved him from loneliness or depression and that that makes him feel worse about breaking up.

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What you say sounds right, but I still don't understand "don't waste your time on me" if she's dead. Regos the Sane. Song Meaning i think this song is about him losing a loved one either a wife or girl friend Hello there, the angel from my nightmare the shadow in the background of the morgue Angel is referring to who has died and he has nightmares with her in them Morgue is where they hold the dead bodies "the unsuspecting victim of darkness in the valley we can live like Jack and Sally if we want where you can always find me we'll have Halloween on Christmas" Unsuspecting victim means that it wasn't any kind of planned death and it also proves it was suicide.

Jack and Sally are 2 characters in the night before Christmas, 2 dead characters who lived in the darkness "where you can always find him" means that he will always be in the darkness with her being gone. Halloween on Christmas is a movie reference the second verse is basically summing up how he feels but this stood out for me 'like indecision to call you and hear your voice of treason will you come home and stop this pain tonight stop this pain tonight' i believe he is thinking back to the night to the night she died, and that he could have called her and tried to fix "something" or maybe she betray him and thats why he used the word treason?

General Comment I still cant wrap my head around the meaning of the hook. But now I'm just as confused as I'll ever be. This has to be one of the most emotional songs I've ever heard.

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It has the power to bring you back to a place where you wished you'd never return. Yet you listen to it over and over, regardless. The words, the melody.. So captivating. A persons voice never made me feel so alive, but on the verge of death. I agree this song can be interpreted in many ways. For me it will only ever mean one thing. Hello there, the angel from my nightmare the shadow in the background of the morgue I was in love with a man, who was no good for me.

He was toxic. I couldn't get enough of him. I'd never been so addicted to anything in my life. This infatuation made me do things I would never do I made a lot of mistakes. My life became a nightmare. And even though his magnetism was the reason for my self destruction I still had him. The angel from my nightmare. The morgue, we were both headed there. I would die for him. The unsuspecting victim of darkness in the valley, we can live like jack and sally if we want where you can always find me and well have Halloween on Christmas and in the night, we'll wish this never ends well wish this never ends.

I wasn't expecting my life to get so bad. I was a victim to his deadly charm. He would have loved for me to stay with him, in his misery. According to the Homunculus Argument, our brain is inhabited by an even smaller version of us, a homunculus, who interprets our external reality as the light from our surrounding falls onto him through our eyes.

The theory is also popularly known as the theory of the Cartesian theater, because the framework of the mind that the theory draws is analogous to a man watching a series of images on a movie screen.

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Obviously, the argument is a fallacy. In lieu of its complexity, the brain can be divided into several parts. These parts can be isolated and held responsible for certain functions. Similarly, the inner voice can also be attributed to a single part or multiple portions working in harmony. We use it every day, when going through shopping lists or motivating ourselves to finish that last slice of pizza. We use it to to simulate past conversations and to imagine new ones. Since the emergence of psychology, there has been a strong effort to form a theory of mind.

So how does it work? In the s, Russian psychologist Lev Vygotsky suggested that our internal voice was heavily linked to our ability to speak aloud. According to him, inner speech was the internalization of external speech. This implies that inner speech should activate the same organs that external speech does. This is certainly true. Electromyography, a technique to measure the movement of muscles, shows that the larynx is activated during inner speech.

One reason could be the neglect for grammatical mistakes, as you almost always know what you mean, making the articulation of sentences much swifter. Another key finding was the activation of corollary discharge — a neural signal that helps us distinguish between self-generated sensory experience and externally produced sensory experience. When an animal performs a task, its motor system uses a forward model or an internal model of the body to predict the sensory consequences upon its completion.