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Gomez-Alonso found that nearly 25 percent of rabid men have a tendency to bite other people.

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That almost guarantees transmission, as the virus is carried in saliva. Rabies can even help explain the supposed aversion of vampires to garlic. Infected people display a hypersensitive response to any pronounced olfactory stimulation, which would naturally include the pungent smell of garlic. What rabies sufferer would not shrink from such a reflection?

At least one scholar has proposed that the genetic red blood cell deficiency porphyria, which once activated renders its sufferers pallid and hypersensitive to light, could also have inspired vampire legends. Holy ground. And the literary folks have really played this up in their stories of vampires. A man trying to save his people. And a terrible challenge that might drive them apart … When Drake left me behind, I thought my heart would break. But before I could change my mind and follow him, Princess Morda of the Silverblood found me. I'm now back at my coven, viewed as a heroine for having succeeded in my suicide mission.

But I don A young woman with a deadly mission. But I don't feel like a heroine. I feel like I'm being torn into pieces as Princess Morda insists in using my accomplishment as an example to encourage the other witches to act. Our enemy covens grow restless and since my coven is the only one without a Witch Queen, we're at a disadvantage. But Princess Morda has a plan for that-a horrific plan I don't want to be a part of. Among escapades to meet Drake-who has his own problems to deal with-and navigating the complicated rules of a place I once loved, I find myself lonely and lost.

But I can't surrender to the darkness now. A war is coming and I have a key part to play. An exhilarating and dark paranormal romance novel, The Witch Queen is a dazzling new adult fantasy featuring an enigmatic vampire prince and a resilient witch. Get A Copy.

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More Details Edition Language. Rite of the Vampire Saga 2. Other Editions 1. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about The Witch Queen , please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

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Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Apr 03, Sara Oxton rated it it was amazing. The Witch Queen by Juliana Haygert a five-star read that you will worship. This is the second book in the Rite of the Vampire Saga series and follows on from the first book The Vampire Heir, so you would need to have read that one first.

Prince Drake DuMoir is what she found, when she found him she realised that not all vampires ar The Witch Queen by Juliana Haygert a five-star read that you will worship. Prince Drake DuMoir is what she found, when she found him she realised that not all vampires are monsters as well as some other realisations. This book brings more characters into the fold, we get to meet the witches of the Silverblood coven, and watch as they try to find the Queen of their coven, but will it be as easy as they think?

Drake and Thea both face a battle, but will they be strong enough to win the war? I read an ARC of the first book in this series and loved it a lot, so I couldn't wait to read this book!

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The author then contacted me about an ARC of this book and I jumped at the chance and started reading it straightaway! After reading, I can say that I enjoyed this book just as much as the first book! I loved the direction that the author took it in and that there were some twist and turns to keep things interesting!

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The plot also developed at the perfect pace and it kept me wanting to read o I read an ARC of the first book in this series and loved it a lot, so I couldn't wait to read this book! The plot also developed at the perfect pace and it kept me wanting to read on to find out what was going to happen next! There were a few seriously hot scenes in the plot too! I wasn't expecting so many of them, but they were really hot! There was some action and suspense scenes in the plot too! These scenes added a lot and really changed the direction of the plot! The characters were again amazing and made this book even better!

Thea was again the main female character, and in this book she was back with her coven! It was interesting to see Thea on her own and with her coven because it showed how far she had come and how different she was to the other witches! It made me have a lot of respect for Thea too because she didn't lower herself to peer pressure and expectations! I also connected with Thea all the way through this book and I didn't lose that connection with her!

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Drake was again the main male character and love interest of Thea! Drake was again seriously hot and went through a lot in this book! I really felt for him in this book because he was stuck between a rock and a hard place and he wasn't sure who he could trust! There was also a lot going on for Drake and he was trying to stop a war from happening!

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Drake tried his best and he was still very protective of Thea, even though she did some kick-ass saving of her own lol, and it was easy to see how much he loved her! I loved that this book was written from both Thea and Drake's point of views like the first book was! I was hoping that it was going to be, especially after the ending of the first book, so I'm really happy that it was!

Being written from both characters point of views allowed for more things to happen in the plot, especially since both characters spent quite a lot of this book apart, and it helped me connect more with the two of them as well! I also can't wait to read the next book in this series! I think that it's the final book, so I can't wait to find out how everything is going to end for Thea and Drake!

The final book also releases next month, which makes me really happy because I only have to wait just over a month for it! The ending was also left at the perfect place and I'm really happy that it wasn't a huge cliff-hanger! I can't wait to check out this author's other books too and give them a read! I also love the cover for this book a lot! It suits the cover for the first book perfectly and it suits the book perfectly too!

The model is also the perfect Thea and it would definitely draw me to the book!

Apr 16, Seraphia rated it it was amazing Shelves: arc-shelf , awesome , exciting , fantasy , fiction , magic , page-turner , paranormal , queens , romance. Thea and Drake are back. Thea is burdened with the task of returning to her Coven. She has been successful in her mission of reclaiming the stolen heart, but she must part ways with Drake. Something that she does not wish to do, but she knows that she must.

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Thea knows that her return will be a good omen for her Coven, as they will be less defenseless than they have been. But what she doesn't know is the dangers that await her as her power-hungry Princess eagerly awaits the heart. The Princess wi Thea and Drake are back.

The Princess will use Thea as an example for her other witches. While this is not that big of a problem for Thea, what the Princess demands of all the witches are something that could end up destroying her. Especially should she refuse. Drake must return to his own, but what he finds when he returns is more than he can handle. Somehow he must find the strength to stay strong. He knows that change must come, but in his current position, he won't be able to do much. Can Drake and Thea survive their separate challenges and come together to save the supernatural world?

Or will the powers that wish to rule destroy them all? This book picks up right where the first book left off, for which I am eternally grateful. It's heartbreaking to follow these two characters who don't wish to be part but know that they must do what is best for their separate covens. Thea has such a warm and caring heart, but regrettably, it comes back to bite her.